Voltz leaves Team Revolution (StarCraft II professional roster)

Just over half a year since Dan ‘Voltz’ Morgan joined us to represent us in the North American region  and now it is time to say goodbye for now. It has been a pleasure to work with Voltz, he has shown some really great performances, not only on the online environment but in local LANs too and of course played phenomenally in recent clan wars with an all kill very recently. Voltz was someone you could rely on to show up on time, interact with the team and play his heart out against his opponents, he is definitely passionate about this game. Voltz put faith in our team when we just started up since we were relatively unheard of when he first joined, I hope that he enjoyed his time with us and will continue to kick ass in StarCraft.

Voltz main reason for leaving is that he’s currently having difficulty balancing the pressure that comes with being on a team with such a huge following along with his personal life. We were actually quite surprised to hear this as we don’t want any of our players to feel like they are feel stressed as a result of being on the team, we will try our best to ensure our remaining roster are treated well and don’t feel pressured.

Therefore it with regret that Voltz is departing for our team, he was a formidable Zerg American talent and will have a huge future in StarCraft should he choose to focus on it full-time. I hope that he can hopefully find another clan/team that suits his playstyle and wishes and continues to rock the NA scene.



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