Update: SortOf qualfies for Wcs Summer Circuit

On June 8th 2016, Rickard ‘SortOf’ Bergman played in the 2016 Wcs Summer Regional Challengers for the European region. He started his performance with a solid 9-0, winning three Best of 5’s against Strange, uThermal and PtitDrogo.


However his next foe was not any amateur as it was the previous Wcs Circuit champion from May, ShoWTimE. To cut things short, the series was very back and forth trading map for map. Till the final game on Frost LE, Rickard began to slip a little. From being in an advantageous position with over a 20 supply lead after executing a build against his opponent, the lead slowly diminished. GG. 3-2 ShoWTimE.

SortOf had now fell to the loser brackets, where he awaited for his opponent to be determined from the remaining players in the losers bracket. It looked unfavourable for SortOf as he despised ZvZ and was looking in line to play Snute in the 2nd place match, Welmu was the only one who could stop him. End result, 3-2 Welmu, narrowly I should add. Welmu was known for his unpredictably which caught Snute off guard, now it’s SortOf’s time to not fall in the same way. After a nervous game one, it became to look fairly one-sided and Welmu was getting torn a part from every part of the map. Final verdict, 3-0 SortOf.

Qualifying himself to play in RO32 at Dreamhack Montreal: Wcs Summer Circuit Championship, earning $1200 and a minimum of further $1500 at the event. Team Revolution are very proud of how Rickard has been able to perform since we picked him up, showing miraculous results from Day 1. We look forward to what he has to bring to our organisation, the team and the StarCraft II community. What out for us at DreamHack Valencia!

Director & StarCraft II Manager of Team Revolution

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