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Hello fellow gamers and eSports enthusiast! Please checkout this article to find out what our respective teams are up to!

StarCraft II
A strong and long month for us July-August in relation to StarCraft, we picked up SortOf, had him sent to play in DreamHack Valencia 2016, expecting him to atleast finish top 16. We were fortunately surprised when he finished top 3 at the event, beforehand already qualifying Montreal. So what does this mean for SortOf? It means he has a realistic shot at Blizzcon, currently sitting at rank 14 on the standings, if he can place highly within the Summer circuit championship at Montreal and the following Copa America in September. We are really pleased with his performance recently and look forward to his performances in the future. We are actively working on the StarCraft II roster, actively talking with progamers building the most solid roster for the future we can. SortOf2
Also for StarCraft, we had Voltz our NA star player play in a local Philadelphia LAN, he started off strong in the round robin swiss format. Until he encountered a common ladder nemesis. Unforunately Voltz lost his composure and began to drop his outstanding record. Regardless, we respect the high pressure of being progamer and not feeling in form for every event, we look forward to his future LANs.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Since both our other teams have been relatively quiet, we decided to give you a combined update and tell you what is happening in both communities. So currently our star player Fuzzyness for Smash is continually streaming, he is confirmed to attend the following events:

  • Heir 3 (Nottingham) 19-21st August
  • Syndicate (Netherlands) 10-11th September
  • The Big House (USA) 7-9th October

We hope to see him perform well at all three of these events!

Metal Gear Online

Currently our Metal Gear Online team is on hiatus due to the lack of tournaments present, however they are always ready when the events present themselves. Unfortunately we had to forefit the MGO: IO PRO SERIES CUP Week 1 finals that was held by MGO.IO due to a lack of players being able to be present. There will be bigger news announced after Gamescom, stay tuned.

-Team Revolution


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