SortOf Joins Team Revolution

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve snapped up free agent Swedish Zerg Rickard “SortOf” Bergman, currently ranked #22 on the WCS circuit. SortOf has been around since the early days of 2011 and has fairly maintained his level as one of the highest level European Zergs in StarCraft II. Prior to joining us he played for high profile teams such as Team Infused (later dissolved into Western Wolves), Alliance and Team Property.

So far in 2016 he’s had a solid year and we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure his year only gets better. You can expect to see him in all major European LAN events including the upcoming Dreamhack Valencia Summer. You’ll be able to tune in to SortOf live on Twitch over at SortOfSc. You can also go follow him over on Twitter at SortOfSc.

Rickard “SortOf” Bergman had some words to say upon joining:

”I’m happy to have found a new team, and I’m looking forward to represent Team Revolution in future tournaments. I will continue to practice hard and hope to show good results!”

Rezwan “Jehuty” Mostofa, Manager of Team Revolution:

“We are really impressed with SortOf’s performances without a team, we look forward to SortOf participating this year under our name and showing some great performances. We look forward to what SortOf can bring to our organisation.”

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  1. This is the story of the hardworking Zerg who was famous for his impeccible mechanics. Rickard “Mechanics” Bergman was destroying everyone in early 2015. Technology caught up to Starcraft 2’s humble ways, and SortOfs amazing macro was replaced by automated robots with better macro than him. Needless to say Rickard “Mechanics” Bergman retired and started working at McDonalds his local town, but how long would it take before robots started flipping the burgers for him? MrDestructoid

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