SortOf finishes top 8 at HSC! (+Kespa & Future of eSports)

Finishing in 8th place, narrowly losing to Patience 3-2, SortOf had a excellent run at HomeStory Cup XIV, beating MaNa 3-0, DeMusliM 3-0, Neeb 3-2, PtitDrogo 3-1. We are really impressed with these results, especially given that he had a really bad fever before heading into the tournament. Talking to SortOf at the event, it was very clear that he was confident against anybody who wasn’t a Zerg player. In his gameplay he was really making use of baneling drops in overlords, runbys and ling drops. It nearly worked against Patience…

The news is a little late however I would like to shed some light on the what teams like us are doing for the future of Korean StarCraft II. Currently┬áIt’s agreed by most people that nobody will pursue picking up a new Korean player until the Wcs plans but I would still like to talk about the certain scenarios that might play out.

For Team Revolution personally, we are interested in players strictly that are able to speak English on stream, have average viewership or above and decent Twitter following. At the moment our eyes would be set on players such as Solar and soO however we our roster is really lacking Terran but there’s hard to find someone who fits our criteria for them.

Anyways, discussing some potential scenarios and how we would react as team:

Scenario a)

  • Blizzard decide to remove region lock

We would likely remove our previous criteria required for players and pick up and variety of Korean players.

Scenario b)

  • Blizzard change hardlock to softlock (visa requirements lowered)

We would react same as scenario A but more selective on who we decide to pick up.

Scenario c)

  • Only GSL, hardlock remains

This is probably the scenario we dislike the most, our sponsor don’t care much about exposure in Korea whatsoever, so it’d be no use for us to have players who are doing well there at all. However we would still see benefits from English speaking streamers.

Scenario d)

  • Dreamhack – open to all, IEM – open to all, WCS – hard locked

This situation is probably the one we like the most, however I also think it’s the most unlikely because the tournament organizers don’t have much interest in seeing Korean dominant events as they believe it hurts viewership, which is funny since IEM Korea is server locked. Koreans get to play in foreign tournaments but the scene doesn’t get too damaged because foreigners still get access to WCS points from the WCS circuit event.

Regardless, I hope to see what 2017 brings and hope the WCS structure is pleasing for everyone, team owners, Korean players and the foreign scene. Peace out, Rez ‘Jehuty’ Mostofa

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