Team Revolution Ventures Into Starcraft 2

We’re proud to announce our expansion in to the Starcraft 2 community with Director Rezwan “Jehuty” Mostofa leading the charge as manager. He’s been a passionate Starcraft 2 player and avid follower of both foreigner and Korean scenes since release. We’re still in the process of building our team from the ground up, we have been making headway by signing some very exicting NA Zerg’s!

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We have also put feelers out to some very big names in the community in search of that superstar player, so stay tuned for updates! Click read more to find out which players we’ve signed IT WILL SHOCK YOU (kidding we’re not that clickbaity – but you should click)

if you’re interested in applying send us an email at following the application guidelines below

Application Guidelines

We’d like to give a big welcome to Dan “Voltz” Morgan, the first player to join our Starcraft 2 team. A high ranked North American Grandmaster with a rich history in online cups with local LAN experience at Cheesadelphia 2. He’s already off to a successful start beating Protoss MrBubbleDICK to qualify for Ting Open Season.

Upon joining Voltz would like to say:
“I’m really excited to be joining Revolution. A new team means new opportunities and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish. I hope you guys are as hyped as I am for the 2nd half of 2016!”


The second addition to our team is Zachary “Zesty” Ramirez, a top ranked Master North American Zerg player. While he is yet to attend any events we’re hopeful that his gameplay continues to improve and he achieves he goals.

Upon joining Zesty would like to say:
“I’ve always had a passion for Blizzard games. I loved playing WarCraft and Diablo, and though my parents always wanted me to focus on school, from a very young age I would wake up at 5 AM, eat breakfast, make my bed, brush my teeth all so I could play before school. When StarCraft was released when I was six years old, I would call my uncles up at 6 AM on a Saturday morning begging to play StarCraft with them over modem, already with a competitive streak striving to be the best my little player pool.

I was completely unaware of the professional scene until a friend of mine from high school discovered that we shared a common interest in Blizzard games, and turned me on to pro-StarCraft by recommending the 2009 WCG Semi-finals Jeadong vs Bisu. Although I had already accepted an appointment to the United States Military Academy, my passion for StarCraft was reignited and I spent the last month before I shipped off to college practicing Brood War with my friend, dreaming of playing Zerg as well as Jaedong did. I carved out as much time as i could over the next 5 years to practice StarCraft 2, and achieved the rank of Masters, but true excellence escaped me, and I never got to compete in LANs due to the rigid, unflexible schedule of the Academy. Now, 18 years after my first encounter with StarCraft and desire to be the best, I am estatic to be given the opportunity to live up to my dreams and compete in LANs and represent Team Revolution.”
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Next up we have Corey “Ukko” Merritt, a Grandmaster North American Zerg player with solid LAN experience having attended, Red Bull Battlegrounds Detroit, Youmacon Starcraft II $1k LAN and Gamers for Giving 2016. We’re excited to have an experienced player LAN joining our ranks.

Upon joining Ukko would like to say:
“A huge thanks to Revolution for picking me up, I’m an up­ and­ coming foreign Zerg aiming for nothing short of the top and I’m glad to have found a great team willing to support me in getting there. I’ve experienced nothing but kindness from them so far and I’m sure we’ll only get along even better with time.”

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