Scouting for talented E-Sports team members (Staff and Players )

  • Article writer for CS:GO/PUBG/StarCraft II/FIFA/Hearthstone (Any game)
  • PUBG Manager and team
  • Hearthstone Manager and players
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Graphics/illustrator Artist
  • Bilingual Translator (Korean/English)
  • SEO Optimisation junior
  • Marketing Director
These are roles are ideal for volunteers to gain experience and growth with Team Revolution, gaining a multitude of experience within the E-Sports industry. Employers love to see initiative in your C.V, if you’re a student looking for some experience during studies or have talent, then this role is perfect for you. Please note however we will consider where possible to provide salaries with all of the above.
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if you’re interested in applying, us the forms below:

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Player application
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