RiSky crushes Australia

Team Revolution’s RiSky stars in Nation Wars V for Great Britain, as they comfortably beat Australia 4-2 in the ro32.

Wednesday the 21st March saw the beginning of the Nation Wars V online tournament. The first game of the ro32 was the United Kingdom vs Australia, in a series which promised to be a close encounter.

Game 1 saw the British Terran Razerblader fall in a tight game against Seither, this brought Revolution’s RiSky into the fray and he delivered a very impressive performance. A well executed roach all-in on Catalyst, after solid defense against attempted hellion attacks, gave way to a swift 6 minute victory for our British Zerg in game 2.

Australia decided to put their more experienced player in Iaguz out next, the former Terran now playing Zerg, meant RiSky would have to show his strong ZvZ skills once more. Blackpink was the map for game 3, and RiSky managed to get the advantage with a damaging ling run-by into the natural taking out several of Iaguz’ workers. This early damage allowed RiSky to tech up to lurkers relatively comfortably and with his opponent still on roaches; RiSky took a dominant engagement with his superior army and closed the game out.

Game 4 on Backwater saw Australia’s Probe struggle to defend against RiSky’s aggressive lurker positioning and a lack of detection lead to the Australian’s army getting dissected by the Zerg swarm as Revolution’s RiSky continued his dominance. Australia chose to revive Probe as their final player for game 5. Neon Violet Square led to a much longer macro game where RiSky eventually fell to a strong Protoss army consisting of carriers, storm and a mothership, Probe seeming to have learnt from his errors in game 4. DeMuslim closed out the series for the United Kingdom with a cheeky cyclone cheese against the Australian Protoss and the UK advances to the ro16 group stage.

The UK will play against Korea in their opening match of the ro16, Mexico and Taiwan the other two teams in the group. I asked RiSky about the group and this is what he had to say:

I think if we all play our best and Mexico / Korea play at not their highest level I think we can make it out of our group to the ro8, that would be a big result for us and I think we’d all be really happy with that – RiSky

Elsewhere, Harstem all-killed Peru 4-0 to qualify Optimus’ Netherlands into the ro16. The Team Revolution Terran and his team will be up against the USA, Germany and Sweden, in what looks to be a tough group for all four nations. I asked the captain about his thoughts on the team and his captaincy:

We 3 are good friends and despite being captain I do not make the final call on who plays or which map we start etc. We all talk about it together and thus decide on whoever is the best player to start on which map – Optimus

The ro16 will begin on Tuesday 27th March at 7pm CET, as always good luck to our Team Revolution players competing, follow them here:



Team Revolution:

Written by Bob ‘Molten’ McCann

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