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Disclaimer: This is a summary based off English parts, not a transcript or direct translation. For full answers, check the timestamps next to the questions.

Here are few Korean quotes collected by INSLOG.

0:00 Intro

1:42 LordCoreon Introduction

The top donor of March received the opportunity to be the guest host of the show as Toast was on his honeymoon.

2:44 JJAKJI’s 2011 GSL Trophy

Discord Questions

4:30 Which version of StarCraft is your favorite? What is your favorite unit?

JJAKJI’s favorite version is WoL, not necessarily just because of the championship, but because it felt the most fun to him, there was a lot of diversity. His favorite unit is the Marine.

6:40 What’s the difference between being on a KeSPA team and a foreign one?

Being on a KeSPA team was very simple, he ate when he wanted to eat, he played when he wanted to play and he showed up to tournaments. But being on a foreign team felt like having multiple jobs because he’s a player but he also had to advertise for the team, stream for them, participate in showmatches.

8:57 How has your practice regime changed?

While on a Korean team, it was kind of shared work – JJAKJI dedicated some time to himself and some to helping his teammates or other players. But on a foreign team, it’s every man for himself.

In terms of tournaments, on a foreign team you can take a break when there are no matches coming up. But in a Korean team, you still have to keep it up even when there are no tournaments.

11:48 What is your favorite televised match?

Excluding the GSL championship, JJAKJI picked the semifinals leading up to that match where he played against (P)Oz. It went to game 5 with weird games – all-ins, rushes, basetrades – they were done with 4 games in an hour, which was not usual in WoL. JJAKJI lost game 4 and going into game 5 his heart was pounding, the momentum was on opponent’s side, he wasn’t sure if he can do it. He was so nervous that when he won the match, he was taken aback and didn’t even feel it at first.

17:04 Do you think you are a forgotten champion?

After winning the GSL, JJAKJI really thought that he would get more championships but it turned out differently. His legacy started to slowly disappear, he dreaded answering the question of being a forgotten champion. But by now he got used to it, it’s just something he has to accept.

20:35 You were so close to another championship – 2nd place at DreamHack…

JJAKJI explained that 2014 DreamHack Moscow was right before BlizzCon, so the battle for points was fierce. Every win meant more points and when JJAKJI reached the final, he had enough to qualify, so he thought that he can relax and approach the match with eased mindset. Unfortunately, it turned out to be wrong decision as he lost 1-3 to (T)MMA.

21:24 What inspired you to play competitively?

JJAKJI wasn’t that interested in StarCraft or becoming a progamer but the 2008 Bacchus OSL final between (T)Flash and (P)Stork happened to be held at his hometown and his friends convinced him to go watch it together. He was impressed seeing (T)Flash crush (P)Stork and he decided that he wants to do that too.

24:29 Do you work out?

(Zest was brought up in the conversation because from SPL Pinocchio we know that he mocks JJAKJI about it)
According to JJAKJI, (P)Zest doesn’t really work out either, he was just born with a good body.

Up until last month JJAKJI actually was very active, going to the gym etc. but at some point his wrist started hurting and the doctor told him to stop working out. There are excercises which don’t put strain on your wrists but JJAKJI said it’s not for him.

27:21 Can you take Zest in a fight?

In case of that, JJAKJI would jump into a Medivac and boost awaaaay~

28:08 You’re stranded on an island, which 3 progamers do you take with you?

1) (P)Zest, obviously. In JJAKJI’s opinion, he would be good at hunting and getting food.
2) (T)TY, kind of a deadweight but they are close friends. If they’re supposed to be on an abandoned island, he needs people he can get along with.
3) Stats… Actually no, (P)Stats won’t be any help and it’s just an extra mouth to feed.

32:28 If you could make one balance change, what would it be?

It would be the Adept. According to JJAKJI, if you ask any other Terran progamer about it, they would say the same thing. He was actually one of the last “victims” falling to Adepts in a tournament before they were nerfed, so he has a very bad memory about them. After the match JJAKJI was very angry and wanted to hunt down David Kim.

37:03 Obligatory “David Kim Pls”

38:22 If you had to date a progamer, who would it be?

JJAKJI was surprised by that question but everything became more clear when Seeker mentioned (T)Dayshi. The two progamers met at IEM and got pretty close. Someone posted a photo of (T)Dayshi offering him a flower and people started saying that they should get together. JJAKJI said that if he had to pick, he would be fine dating (T)Dayshi, yep.

Reddit Questions

40:41 What are your thoughts on StarCraft: Remastered? Do you have any plans?

He thinks that it’s a really positive thing, they’re upgrading the graphics, microing is going to be smoother, Dragoons will be less stupid, it sounds cool. He himself doesn’t really want to play it though. He did play a bit of BW after kt Rolster disbanded and he also was a semi-pro back before SC2. It’s fun but he doesn’t want to switch, both because he’s heavily invested in SC2 and because of his age.

44:53 Out of the countries you’ve gone to, which one is your favorite? Which do you want to visit?

In terms of how much fun he had, his favorite is Germany, it clearly felt like Europe as soon as he arrived. He also experienced a real culture shock when he saw that around 3-4am cars are still stopping on red light. In Korea, when it’s really late at night, people don’t really care about traffic lights.

In terms of aesthetics, it’s Sweden, the scenery is very beautiful and serene.

As for country he’d like to visit, he wants to go to Switzerland again. He’s already been there when he lived at the mYinsanity teamhouse but back then he was there to work, there wasn’t really time for sightseeing. This time he would like to experience it properly as a tourist.

51:10 How does it feel to rise up in the ranks again?

This question made JJAKJI sad because he actually doesn’t feel like he’s rising up in ranks. He assumes people say that because he’s been doing better recently but does getting eliminated in Ro32/Ro16 really count as being good? He was a GSL champion before. It makes him sad but it also motivates him to work hard to actually show good results, so then people can say that he’s rising up again.

54:14 What are your thoughts on TvT meta?

There was a time in HotS when it was really hard for him because Terrans liked to play turtle mech and he’s a rather aggressive player. He likes the way TvT is now with Ravens getting stronger and current meta.

58:48 What are your thoughts on tankivacs?

The removal of tankivacs didn’t affect him too much because he comes back from the WoL days, so it was quite easy for him to adapt back. His KeSPA teammates were struggling a lot though, because they came in late to SC2. According to JJAKJI, (T)TY was going to hunt down David Kim.

1:01:23 What are your plans after progaming?

JJAKJI would like to stay in esports, maybe even become a progamer in another game or maybe SC2 again. Another idea that he considered is becoming a headcoach for a team because he has the experience of what it’s like to be a player. But with KeSPA teams disbanded, he probably won’t be able to be a headcoach for an SC2 team, he will have to try another game. It may be an SC:R team if those are created. Seeker mentioned that maybe JJAKJI could revive his old team, New Star HoSeo, and he was ok with that idea but maybe it’s been already forgotten after all this time and he was THE ace of the team anyway. He had to buy food for his teammates with the prize money he earned, take care of them, he kind of had the role of a headcoach without officially having the title.

Talking about the only ace and New Star HoSeo reminded Seeker of a ceremony one team did in GSTL where the whole team pretended to leave the studio after defeating the ace of opposing team. It was actually NSHS who did that after they beat TSL’s ace, (T)Polt, in game 1.

TeamLiquid Questions

1:09:42 Do you know any foreign languages?

Thanks to living in Switzerland in the past, JJAKJI knows one word in German and one word in French. Both mean “thank you”. He learned those when he noticed people using them at a grocery store.

1:12:58 Besides Dayshi, are you close with any other progamers?

He’s closest with (T)TY because in the kt Rolster teamhouse they shared a room. In terms of overseas players, it would be (Z)Snute and (P)Harstem. According to JJAKJI, (Z)Snute is a nice kindhearted guy and (P)Harstem is really funny. Nowadays he only meets (Z)Snute at tournaments but (P)Harstem is a different story. When he was in Korea, JJAKJI taught him to use KakaoTalk and he keeps messaging him and sending him photos of himself.

Chat Questions

1:19:24 What’s your favorite food?

When he was in Switzerland, the Korean food he missed the most was 삼겹살 (sliced pork belly), Korean fried chicken and Korean rice.

As for foreign food, it’s lasagna. It wasn’t the famous In-N-Out Burgers this time, JJAKJI actually never had it

1:25:58 Do you like dogs or cats?

JJAKJI has rised a dog but he never had a cat, so he can’t say much about that. But from what he knows, with a cat, the animal is the one in charge, so he prefers dogs.

He has a male poodle named Odle (the name wasn’t his idea).

1:29:32 What other games do you play?

He likes playing League of Legends in his free time.

1:31:27 What are your thoughts on TvP and TvZ?

TvP – JJAKJI hates it because of Adepts.

For TvZ, he’s struggling at it but other pros seem to be doing well, so he knows that it’s probably him and he just has to work harder.

1:33:19 If you and David Kim switched roles, what would you do?

If David Kim would play Protoss, JJAKJI would nerf Adepts, Oracles and Warp Prisms.

If David Kim would play Zerg, JJAKJI would nerf Ravagers and Hydras.

If David Kim would play Terran, JJAKJI wouldn’t change anything because he’d still want to play the game himself.

1:37:31 JJAKJI’s questions for DankShrine

When JJAKJI was invited to DankShrine, he asked Team RevolutioN’s manager about it and he said that it’s a great show and he should appear there. JJAKJI said he had fun with the questions and was very thankful for this opportunity to talk to foreign fans. He asked if the DankShrine does something else than talk shows as well and Seeker mentioned that they are trying to expand, work on community, get sponsors and maybe in the far future they would run a league.

1:42:00 Who do you think will win the GSL Super Tournament?

In JJAKJI’s opinion, if Protoss doesn’t stop (T)INnoVation, he will win. Because he’s so good that it’s not a matter of skill, it’s a matter of race.

1:43:35 Who do you think is the best player in each race? Who do you think is the best player on Team Revolution?

Zerg: (Z)ByuL, Terran: (T)INnoVation, Protoss: (P)Stats

Team RevolutioN: JJAKJI

As a follow up question Seeker asked about his Korean teammates. JJAKJI said that nowadays Korean players generally don’t practice with each other, they get most of their practice on ladder.

1:47:21 Are there any up and coming players we should keep an eye on?

He doesn’t really have any up and coming player in mind but he’s really scared of (P)Stats because he doesn’t seem to lose any matches recently.

1:49:29 What’s your favorite kpop group?

JJAKJI doesn’t really follow the celebrities but his favorite artists he keeps an eye on are 볼빨간 사춘기 (Bolbbalgan4 – translated to “Blushing Youth” Seeker plz, Light_VIP OP).

1:55:26 JJAKJI’s final words

He feels bad because not long before the show there were qualifiers for Super Tournament and GSL Season 2 and he failed in both. He is sorry to the fans, he really hoped that he can make it. But there are still a lot of tournaments in front of him and he will do his best.

1:57:17 Closing out the show & shoutouts

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16thSquadSanseki / Kuro

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