GSL Code S S2 – Player Preview: KeeN

April 18th sees the start of yet another GSL Code S campaign for Team Revolution’s Korean Terran KeeN.

KeeN will play in group C against sOs, TRUE and Solar in a tough ro32 group stage. KeeN will have to be on top form in his TvZ match up to earn his place in the ro16.

In 2018, KeeN has a 57% win rate in TvZ including wins over Rogue and TRUE. His ‘easiest’ opponent could be TRUE, a Korean zerg player who has recently moved back to Korea from America. Well known for his aggressive play, TRUE has had a good start to the year securing a ro8 finish at the GSL Super Tournament. Across Legacy of the Void KeeN is 6-7 in series against TRUE, tradtionally closely matched this will be a must win game for KeeN. KeeN’s record against Solar in LotV is 1-15, he has previously struggled against the Splyce Zerg both online and offline. Solar has a 63% win rate vT and with recent wins against aLive and Gumiho, KeeN has it all to do in the afreecatv studio.

sOs is the sole protoss in the group and the scariest opponent due to his tricky mindgames and unorthodox play. sOs is very difficult to prepare for, perhaps reflected in his 66% win rate this year across all match ups. KeeN has a shot at taking out the famed sOs, however he’s only been able to once in the past 3 years, failing on 5 occasions to topple the two-time world champion.

KeeN is going to have to be at his best to finish in the top 2 of his group on April 25th. Although as the most experienced in his group at 14 GSL Code S appearances, compared to the 13 of Solar and sOs, do not count him out.

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Written by Bob ‘Molten’ McCann

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