Fuzzyness Joins Team Revolution

We’re delighted to announce that Fuzzyness will be joining our organisation as it’s first Super Smash Bros Melee player! Coming from VwS Gaming he is a well know figure in the UK Smash Scene. Gained notoriety by almost beating Armada in B.E.A.S.T II. He has a popular stream (check him out over on twitch.tv/Fuzzynessand is a brilliant content creator (find him here).


Click read more to find out what Fuzzyness had to say about joining Team Revolution

“Yo it’s Fuzzyness here, I just want to give a huge shoutout to Team Revolution for sponsoring me! I’m going to be going to destination fight in Sweden, I’m going to be going to Avalon possibly DrommeLAN, [and] I’m already booked and confirmed for Hier to the Throne. On top of that maybe I’ll go to EVO or Big House”

As an organisation we’re incredibly excited to be becoming a part of the SSBM community and we wish Fuzzyness the best of luck!

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