Fuzzyness Takes 3rd In Sweden


We’re happy to announce that Team Revolution’s own Fuzzyness has placed 3rd at Destination Fight 2 in Skövde-Sweden! He competed in both the Singles and Doubles events. Managing a 2nd place with IrregularJinny.

The first few days started with some casual matches then a few duos with his new partner Jinny. The Grand Finals day fell on Sunday, Fuzzyness seemed a little out of shape playing against Andriod falling to the loser bracket, only to fight his way back into the loser finals. There he was met by Zolder, an opponent Fuzzyness was unable to overcome losing 3-1 in a very close Loser’s Final. This left Zolder to move into the Grand Finals to play Android.

If you want to hear Fuzzyness’ thoughts on the event and watch the gameplay click the read more button, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO

While Fuzzyness himself wasn’t happy with his overall performance, here at Team Revolution we all thought Fuzzyness played exceptionally considering it was his first Smash event in a while. We are all looking forward to watching him at Future events!

If you want to watch VoDs of his games we’ve got some easy to use playlists;




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