FireCake joins Team Revolution as a Streamer!



We’re very excited to welcome FireCake to our organisation, we sat down and had a chat with him, click continue reading to find out more!

Rezwan ‘Jehuty’ Mostofa (Team Revolution manager):
Firstly, welcome to Team Revolution where you will be representing us as a streamer and content producer, I’m going to ask you some quick questions so your fans can get a sense of what you are up to. It’s only recently that you have announced you were leaving your previous team and talked about taking somewhat of a break for your health. I’m sure the first thing your fans would like to know is whether you have any thoughts of returning to professional gaming once your health has improved or is that a thought that comes later down the line?

I am answering this question almost every hour on my stream but it is still very hard for me to answer because I don’t want to disappoint my fans and I don’t want to lie. I have really enjoy my time on StarCraft II as a progamer. I have enjoyed travelling and sharing my passion with all the people I met around the world.
If I could keep playing tournaments I would go for it but I have to be realistic. A SC2 progamer has to place really high in many tournaments to be able to live only from progaming. Right now I can’t do this but I don’t want to leave this community and all those great people I met. In the beginning of the year I also discovered that I love streaming so I am trying my best to become a streamer/content producer. This is the best thing I found to share and try to live of my passion.
So I will stream SC2 regularly and participate in some online cups. Since all the qualifiers for offline cups for this year are over I have to wait 2017 to give a try in offline tournament again. If I can I will try to do my best in tournaments next year. But I can’t promise anything.

Rezwan ‘Jehuty’ Mostofa (Team Revolution manager):
Alright thanks clearing that up for all your fans… With your stream do you plan to have a schedule or stream when you like, also a follow up to that, which games are you going stream?

Right now I don’t want to set something in stone because I want to try different things.
I am going to release a weekly schedule so people can catch my stream easily. I will focus on the afternoon but I will also try to stream in the morning and in the evening, I want to know what fits the best for me and my viewers.
I will stream SC2 on a weekly basis for sure but I also want to give a try on games like LoL and Hearthstone. I also want to play some RPG and indie games like Dark Souls and Salt and Sanctuary.
I will basically stream SC2 and try other video games to see how it works 🙂

Rezwan ‘Jehuty’ Mostofa (Team Revolution manager):
So I saw you were playing Zerg on stream instead of Protoss, did you decide which one was stronger already?

Haha 😀 …
To be honest I think Protoss is the strongest race but I didn’t enjoy that much playing with Protoss so I am going to stick with Zerg.

Rezwan ‘Jehuty’ Mostofa (Team Revolution manager):
Final question since I don’t want to grill you too long. Is there anyone who inspired you to stream, do you have a favourite streamer or Youtuber?

Day9 Day9 and Day9
He is the guy that made great content, he had the knowledge, he was entertaining and he brought so much positivity into the community.
There are many great content producer but for me this guy is the best

Rezwan ‘Jehuty’ Mostofa (Team Revolution manager):
Anything you want to add, anybody to thank (hint: fans)? And thanks for answering my questions.

Thank you to all my fans to keep supporting me even in these very hard moments were I don’t bring good results.
We look forward to Firecake streaming under our name, check out his stream today at (2PM CEST):

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