Hello there! In order to apply for this team we need to know about yourself with some preliminary questions before we have any full discussions. Please send all applications to and please note if you either do not meet our requirements (i.e. 1000 Twitter followers, Minimum Competitive League requirements etc.), It’s most likely that your application will not be responded to or considered.


  • Must speak English
  • Aged over 18 years old (all members- exceptions can be made depending on circumstances)
  • Must be full team and preferably together for a long period of time.
  • Use communications as a team (Teamspeak, Skype, Discord etc.)

Please send the following with your application:

  • Short bio of your history as a competitive player(s), achievements as a team or individually and goals as a team.
  • Country of origin (each player)
  • Current rank(s)
  • Length of time as a team
  • Current average rating of team?
  • What you expect from our organisation (please be specific, expected salary range, LAN coverage)
  • Social Media Links ( & Twitter)
  • We do not hand out salaries to anyone, you must reach a specific criteria on Social Media including having atleast 1000 followers on and 1000 on

What we offer?

  • Contractual obligation
  • Jerseys
  • Potential LAN & Travel support
  • Website & Social Media exposure
  • Growth in our organisation
  • Psychological coaching
  • Salaries
  • Sponsor equipment such as headset & keyboards

Please Note: The incentives above are only offered on the basis that your following is large enough to be considered for the given incentive, we receive many applications, therefore include as much information in the application as possible.

Website: Twitter: @TeamRevoGG Steam: